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Monday, March 10, 2014

Under Cold Stone by Vicki Delany

Canadian author Vicki Delany writes stand alone novels and a mystery series set during the Klondike Gold Rush,  as well as this series about Constable Molly Smith.

Most of the Molly Smith books are set in the mountain town of Trafalgar, B.C., but Under Cold Stone  moves the majority of the action to Banff Springs and the fabulous castle of a hotel built in 1888.

An unlikely romantic relationship between Molly's mother Lucky Smith and Paul Keller, Chief Constable of Trafalgar, has developed, and the two have headed to Banff Springs for a luxurious vacation.

Where, of course, things begin to go wrong.  An unpleasant encounter with Paul's estranged son Matt begins to spoil the romantic mood. Then Matt calls Paul in the middle of the night to tell him that his roommate has been murdered, but before the police arrive, Matt has fled.

Molly, of course, comes to support her mother, and looking for information, befriends Matt's girlfriend.  If Matt isn't guilty, and it certainly looks as if he might be, why would he flee?

Back home in Trafalgar, trouble is brewing when protests by environmentalists attempt to stop a development in the wilderness.  

I enjoy this series partly because of the characters, and partly because of the setting.  Lucky is not my favorite character, and she has a larger role than usual.  This may not be the best in the series, but still provides an entertaining story.  

NetGalley/Poisoned Pen Press

Mystery.  April, 2014.  Print version:  250 pages.


  1. I would like this setting. How did I miss hearing of this author?

  2. Kelly- :) I don't know! She is from your neck of the woods--more or less. This isn't my favorite in the series, but her mysteries are usually good entertainment.