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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Venice in the Moonlight by Elizabeth McKenna

I thought I'd try a romance novel.  This one is more of a romance novella or maybe just a long short story.  Almost everything feels glossed over, as if writing the novel was a matter of racing toward the end. Can literally be read in one sitting.

Would an Italian say, "my amore"?  Also found the inclusion of Casanova kind of strange and the plot gimmick questionable.

I was looking for something a bit more complex and longer.  Not really sure, but this wasn't it.

Read in February.


Romance.  2013.  Print version:  196 pages.


  1. Too bad this one wasn't it. And, yep, I think I would question the "my". I typically don't like it when an author will add some foreign words because I cannot tell you how many times I've caught mistakes when writers add Spanish words. Totally takes you out of the setting.

  2. Iliana - Getting the research right is important. It shouldn't be too much effort to check on the accuracy of words and phrases from another language. You are right, noticing an inaccuracy that is repeated is annoying.