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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Any Other Name by Craig Johnson

Any Other Name

The best thing about NetGalley is when offers like Craig Johnson's Walt Longmire series appear.  I love this series
that I began following several years ago thanks to a post by Wendy at Musings of a Bookish Kitty.

I watched one of the A&E series episodes, but after reading the books, the series didn't work for me.  I'm sure it is a great series; I probably would have liked it if the characters were not already in my head.  

Aside from the fact that any dedicated reader of the series loves Walt and Henry and Dog, the pleasure of Johnson's writing provides another layer of appreciation.  Walt and Henry are intelligent, well-read, and thinking individuals.  This ability to create warm and thoughtful characters is one of the strongest points in these novels.  

Walt's daughter Cady is about to give birth, and she wants Walt there.  Walt, however, has let Lucien pull him into an investigation involving the suicide of a friend.  One thing leads to another, and the original case morphs into the cases that Detective Gerald Holman was working on at the time of his suicide.

As Lucian warned Holman's widow, Walt Longmire never gives up and sometimes what he discovers can be things that are unpleasant to know.  In this situation, the deeper Walt digs into the cases of three missing women, the more dangerous things become.

:)  Just a  fun thing to look for:  the lady with the raccoon.  

Read in April.  Blog post scheduled for May 4.

NetGalley/Penguin Group/Viking

Mystery.  May 13, 2014.  Print Length:  324 pages.


  1. I haven't read any of the books, and have seen only the first season of the tv show. the second season comes out soon, and I look forward to it. Maybe I should try the first book, and see what I think. Yes?

  2. You're much farther into the series than I am now. :-) One of my goals this year is to get caught up with it. I really do enjoy this series.

    My husband and I watched the first two or three episodes of the show and weren't overly impressed. I wanted to like it, I really did. Oh well. At least we have the books!