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Friday, May 16, 2014

Feast or Famine

Sometimes a dry spell occurs when none of the books on my Kindle or in my towering stacks are just what I want to read.  But then, just as I settle down with a second choice, wonderful new titles appear on NetGalley or in the mail.  Feast!

I read my first Michael Robotham novel in March (Watching You) and found it an excellent psychological thriller.   I wanted to read the first in the series, but as usual, got lost in all the other books in the TBR que.  

Then Mulholland Books sent me an email offering both the first and second in the series!  Yes!  Now, I have The Suspect and Lost in my que.  I've already read the first two chapters of The Suspect and am again impressed with Robotham's writing!  Great psychological suspense and terrific writing--can't get much better.

I'm eager to get more of the back story on this series, and I'm eager to see more of Joe O'Loughlin and Vincent Ruiz.  O'Loughlin suffers from Parkinson's which puts a unique twist on the protagonist and hampers his abilities. Another thing I liked about Watching You is that although O'Loughlin and Ruiz are definitely important to the story, Marnie Logan, one of O'Loughlin's patients, is the main focus--it is her mystery, she isn't a secondary character.

I'm not all sure what will happen in this first novel in the series, but it will be Joe O'Loughlin's first involvement with a high profile crime, and Robotham's first chapter grabbed my interest immediately.

Also new from NetGalley:  The Ship of Brides by JoJo Moyes and Terminal City by Linda Fairstein.  Two authors I've enjoyed previously.

Tonight will be just me and Joe O'Loughlin and a good story, I hope.


  1. I have been in a famine lately. It's sad!

  2. I am glad you are liking Suspect so far! I do want to go back and read more by Robotham.

  3. Kelly - I know. Hate it when that happens!

    Wendy - Finished both the Robotham books. Need more. :)