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Monday, April 30, 2007

An Assortment of Goodies

Have you ever wanted a literary umbrella?

Well Luminary Graphics can provide you with one of several different
versions! Or great bookmarks, or bookbags, mugs, playing cards, or journals.

I love the Magritte bookmark!

Here is a review of new YA fantasy novel that sounds interesting. It is the final volume in the series, but the review gives background on all of them. Also, here at January Magazine there is a link to the Guardian article Defining the Decades and in the post Margaret Atwood and the Defining Books of Our Era, you can scroll down to see the complete list.


  1. Love the bookmarks...Louisa May Alcott looks a bit too much like Keanu Reeves, but other than that they are quite fun.

  2. What a great website, Jenclair. Thanks for finding that I'm going to do a little shopping, I think, for bookmarks and a coffee mug or two. :-)

    Oh, and I agree with Carl that the resemblance between Louisa May Alcott and Keanu Reeves is really striking...and weird.

  3. That umbrella is so cute. I'd be afraid to get it all wet and yucky though :)

  4. Fun website! I'm tempted to get the Jane Austen umbrella because the colors would look so bright and cheerful on our gray and rainy days!

  5. Great site! I like the Austen umbrella, too. And the Magritte bookmark. Great stuff!

  6. Carl & Sam - I didn't notice until you mentioned it! Poor Louisa...

    Ladies - I would love to have that umbrella, but I tend to leave mine cheap ones are the thing for me. Although, an umbrella that could be appreciated for more than utilitarian purposes might not be so easily forgotten! It would brighten those rainy days, wouldn't it?

  7. I love the luminary graphics bookmarks. I have the Woolf and Austen ones. They make me smile every time I use them.

  8. I think I want a bunch of the bookmarks and maybe a mug.
    But I will say that I think the Austen caricature is less appealing than I might have hoped.

  9. Thanks for the link--I can see where my next purchases are going to come from! I actually have the Austen and Woolf bookmarks, but I have never seen any of the others! My local bookstores have a pretty bad selection of bookmarks--so these are great! I love the bookbags, too!

  10. stefanie - There is such an industry for readers, isn't there? Bookmarks can be anything, but when they make you smile, they are really special!

    Jill - The caricatures are pretty extreme. The Austen bothers me a bit, too. I'd like a mug, too, but which one?

    danielle - My bookbag is in pretty bad shape, one of these may be just the ticket!