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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Silent Tower

Hambly, Barbara. The Silent Tower. The first in a series, TST was published in 1986. I don't think I'll be pursuing the series. The mixture of modern computers (even those of the 1980's) in one world and the medieval/industrial (another anomaly) in another world, just didn't quite work for me. Joanna, a computer programmer, is kidnapped from the modern world and carried into a world of wizards, a mad king, a mad prince, a mad mage.

Although I wouldn't mind finding out what happened to Antryg, Joanna, and Caris, I doubt that I ever will...

Fiction. Fantasy. 1986. 369 pages.


  1. Sorry you're not having alot of luck with the fantasy books so far, I hope it gets better.

  2. Sounds like you're hitting 50-50 right now, which means the next book should be a winner. Here's hopping that's so.

  3. Unfortunate that you did not enjoy the series. Fantasy in the 80s is not the same as today. i have been into some but not many - I often found the writing to be elementary.

  4. Doesn't Hambly also have a mystery series? Maybe I'm confusing her with someone else. Anyway, hope your next read is much more entertaining!

  5. Carl - I always find this true when reading fantasy; my appreciation of fantasy is pretty specific, and I don't fall in love with but a small portion of what I read in the genre.

    Debby - Here's hoping!

    Nessie - I'm sure there are many people who loved the book, but that's just the way it goes.

    iliana - I don't know if Hambly has a mystery series; I'll have to check it out.

  6. Barbara Hambly is one of those authors that writes in several genres. And, yes, she does have a mystery series. I have never read it, but I have seen it. I know she also writes historical fiction because I have her new book on the tbr pile. I also have a fantasy book by her, but not from the same series that you read.

  7. I'm a great fan of Hambly's Benjamin Janvier mystery series, the first of which is Free Man of Color. Janvier is bought from slavery and educated in France by the man who freed him (his mother's lover.)

    He returns to 1830s New Orleans a surgeon and a musician and struggles to make a life for himself in a place and time where every white man is entitled to attack him if he chooses and Janvier is forbidden even to protect himself. A cruel time for a free man of color.

    The books should be read in order to follow the developing story.


  8. Another good review. I can tell this would not be a story I could sink my teeth into. =)

  9. I can't remember, you've read Gaiman, right?

    Have you read Jonathan Carroll? His stuff is very interesting.

    I'm also impressed with what I've read of Charles de Lint thus far.