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Monday, April 02, 2007

Reading, Gardening, Reading, Gardening

A very interesting article about biographies in the Boston Globe.

I'm well into Evil Genius, a YA novel, and after another good beginning, it has slowed down. The Axis Institute of Evil may be a bit much for me. Difficult to care for any of the characters.

Also started Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn. Looking like it is one of the lighter fantasies at the moment.

Still working on The Habit of Being and enjoying it. My admiration for O'Connor grows with each letter. Her terrible illness is seldom mentioned and even then, dismissively, as one might comment on a headache or allergies. No, I make a bigger deal of those than Flannery does of her difficulties.

Yesterday was a full-out garden day, with all 3 books stacked on the table on the patio for my frequent breaks.


  1. Gardening AND reading? What a perfect day!!!

  2. Your yard looks beautiful, Jenclair. I would love to sit and read and look at the inviting space you showed in the first picture. And the blossoms are wonderful. You're way ahead of us, weather wise.

  3. Reading and gardening...sounds like a heavenly day! What beautiful flowers and blossoms.

  4. Carl - It really was a good day!

    Cheya - It was quite warm- mid 80's and humid, but I sat in the shade and read when I got too hot.

    Robin - Thanks; the garden has transformed from quite dreary to bursting with possibilities in the last couple of weeks.