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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Echoes of Honor

Weber, David. Echoes of Honor. Since I can operate no technology without help and have no mathematical ability, it surprises me how much I enjoy the technical aspects of these novels. Then again, military tactics have never been high on my list before, and I find myself totally engrossed with battle tactics. Of course, without the connection to the characters, not all the action and adventure in the world can hold my interest, and Weber manages to succeed on all fronts.

I liked the way Weber branched off into the lives and situations of some of the minor characters in this one, but I was relieved that he concluded this adventure without another cliff hanger. I don't feel compelled to move on to Book 9 and can go back and pick up the ones I've missed.
Fiction. Science fiction/space opera. 1998. Baen. 569 pages.

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