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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

weekend results and links

Some links I want to share:

Not sure that any of us need this, but maybe someone we love does - 14 Ways to Cultivate a Lifetime Reading Habit. All of the suggestions are excellent, but as I kept reading I was waiting for this one: Blog It. And, of course, it was there. Found by way of rebecca's pocket, a good source for all kinds of interesting reading.

And from Say No to Crack, this video on Phonetic Punctuation and Inflationary Language with Victor Borge.


I started the above draft last week and when I got ready to create a new post today, found it again.

Returned from Dallas on Sunday night with a renewed pleasure in Tai Chi after participating in Tai Chi Legacy this weekend. My performances were all off (not sure what all was going on with my mind/body, but neither seemed to be working particularly well this weekend), and only got a second place in Empty Hand and 4th in both saber and straight sword. And I was lucky in each case to manage those. Thomas got a third in Empty Hand, but Ellen, Joe, and Sam got some first places in Empty Hand and Baqua.

As usual, seeing great competitors inspired me, and after laying off for most of this past year, I'm ready to return to class and park sessions with several things in mind for improvement. Stella and Vivian were big influences with their performances, and another girl whose name I failed to ask (a student of Master Christophe Clarke at his school in Colorado) has a beautiful Yang style routine that I envy. Her hands were a language in themselves, and she was smooth as water. Molly from Atlanta had the precision and clarity I'd like achieve.

While I was gone this weekend, books began to arrive. More on Monday and Tuesday. I'm inundated with books. Also have two more to review.

Another neat site, Dogeared, discovered by way of the Indextrious Reader. Sonya Worthy's Dogeared is where she records pictures and interviews of people reading: "In September of 2006 I began interviewing people reading books, on public transportation, in coffee shops and parks in San Francisco, where I've lived for the past five years." And her locations have expanded as she travels around the country...


  1. I am all for cultivating reading habits, but this line just horrified me...

    "And if you also read every time you’re sitting on the can"

    I liked the Gmail idea!

  2. Dogeared is great. Thanks for all the links!

  3. There are worse things to be inundated by then books! Congrats on your tai chi performances!

  4. It sounds as if the Tai Chi event was both inspiring and challenging. I hope the inspiration gives you some fuel with which to meet the challenge.

    I did like the "reading habit" link. I admit we've never tried a family reading day.

  5. Tag! You're it--Hope you don't mind, but I'm tagging you for the Blogging Tips Meme, so check it out on my blog. No worries if you can't play :)

  6. Hey, sounds like you had a great time at Tai Chi Legacy. It's wonderful that the experience charged you up for more Tai Chi.

    Just remember to have fun! :)

  7. eva - I agree about the "can" suggestion!

    gentle reader - It was a great idea, wasn't it? I find it so interesting to read about readers.

    Stefanie - I've received Bridge of Sighs, too! Thanks so much!

    Jill - I love the idea of a family reading day, but with my kids grown and gone and my husband with little time to read...I'm the solitary participant.

    gentle reader - I'll be over to check the meme out!

    Orpheus - I have another tournament this weekend in Houston. Keeping my fingers crossed...