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Friday, July 06, 2007

More Good Books

My copy of The Chess Machine (an uncorrected proof) arrived yesterday, and I'm even more eager to read it after Sam's favorable review. My thanks to Brian Yingling and the Penguin Group.

Also received a copy of Jacqueline Winspear's Messenger of Truth (I'm a big fan of Maisie Dobb's) from Yolanda Cardin at FSB. Thanks, Yolanda.

Jill at My Individual Take has gotten me interested in Elizabeth Von Arnim (Enchanted April), and I searched for a biography, but came up empty. Her life sounds more than interesting enough to merit a biography, I mean, she and H.G. Wells were lovers and her cousin was Katherine Mansfield, so maybe there is a biography out there that I've missed.

Susan at Pages Turned mentioned several books that appeal to me (July 5th post) so I'm waiting for her reviews.

I'm love 18th century stuff, and Dorothy Of Books and Bicycles keeps me interested in Johnson and Boswell.


  1. Oh wow, I didn't know that about Elizabeth Von Arnim. How interesting. Enchanted April is one of my favorite books but somehow I haven't managed to read another of her novels -- yet!
    Enjoy Messenger of Truth. It's so good.

  2. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of [i]The Chess Machine[/i]. I've yet to see another review of the book.

  3. Isn't the 18C great? I'm loving the book on Boswell.

  4. I love,love,love Von Arnim. The only biography I've ever seen is a long out-of-print one called Elizabeth of the German Garden by Leslie de Charms.(1958) It's lovely but really, really hard to find. Try her epistolary novel Fraulein Schmidt & Mr. Anstruther for another enjoyable read.

  5. I don't know if it is available in the US, ut have you ever seen the TV film that was made of 'Enchanted April'? It was stunning and what first got me reading Elizabeth von Arnim.

  6. Wow, I read Enchanted April and loved the film, but never knew anything about Von Arnim. Sounds like a fascinating life. If you find a good biography, let me know!

  7. iliana - I'm going to look for some Von Arnim books as well as for a biography. Oh yes, I'm looking forward to Messenger of Truth!

    Sam - I started The Chess Machine last night and am liking it a lot.

    Dorothy - I do love the 18th c. -- the Age of Satire. Love Addison and Steele, Pope, Swift, Johnson. The beginning of journalism, the first novels. Brilliance and pretense.

    Melanie - Thanks so much for the suggestions! Epistolary novels are another favorite. I'm sure I'll have to order these, but I'm going to try the library first.

    Ann - I've seen the wonderful movie, but not the TV film. Will check Netflix and see if it's available. Thanks!

    Gentle Reader - I'm going to look for the one by de Charms that Melanie suggested. Will let you know when (and if) I find it!