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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Computer is home...

Fee took the laptop this weekend, and I was without a computer again. Now, I have my recently rehabilitated computer back from the PC hospital and the laptop.

I have several more books to review: The Janissary Tree, Elizabeth's German Garden, and Jennifer Weiner's short story collection. I enjoyed all of them. Have just finished reviews of The Black Sun and Stealing the Dragon in my rush to catch up.

And new books have continued to arrive:

Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo -- Thanks, Stefanie!!
An Ocean of Air: Why the Wind Blows and Other Mysteries of the Atmosphere by Gabrielle Walker--Thanks to Anna Sukenov of the Penguin Group

The two M. F. K. Fisher books, Dissolution by C. J. Sansom , Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales by Marie-Louise von Franz, The Season of the Witch, and the Jane Langton mystery have arrived for the Unread Author Challenge which doesn't begin until September. I'm afraid I may have to dip into at least one of these, which will mean I will have to order something else for the challenge--but I'm going to try to hold out as I have enough to keep me occupied for a while.


  1. I too keep being tempted by unread authors in advance of the challenge. Luckily I have SO MANY unread authors I want to read that there is always a new one to take the "newly read" author's place.

  2. Pour of Tor - I don't know what it is about books that one is supposed to save that makes them as desirable as forbidden fruit!

    I actually have started Von Arnim's biography this rainy afternoon and am enjoying the way it fills in the gaps left in Elizabeth's German Garden, which was so brief.

    I've let so many books accumulate in the last 10 days or so and am trying to get them all reviewed. Hopefully that won't happen again. It is hard to remember what I thought was important when I wait so long; of course, no computer for several days was part of the problem.

  3. You've set yourself an interesting range of titles. I will be most interested in learning what you think of the Fairy Tale book by Marie-Louis von Franz.

  4. I'm excited a new richard russo title! oh so many books. right now I'm reading 'half broken things' (thanks jenclair for the head's up on this one - love it); my studio book (audio) is 'the master' a novel based on the life of henry james ....compelling and an excellent reader (which is oh so important).

  5. Jill - I'm eager to begin all of them and the fairy tale book has such a lovely cover. Must stick to the other stack for now, however.

    kimy - Glad you're enjoying Half Broken Things! I think she's a marvelous writer. I've read about the The Master and find Henry James fascinating so will be checking to see your final thoughts on it.

  6. Hee. I have a long "shortlist" at home for the challenge too. But knowing me, I'll probably start on them before Setpember - which is why I decided I'll look into the reading list nearer to the date.

    But again, since I know myself, I'll probably switch books in the middle of the challenge.

    Have fun with MFK Fisher. Especially when she writes about ambisexual oysters. ;) Whoopee!

  7. Glad your computer has made it home from the "hospital." And I hope you enjoy the Russo book!

  8. Orpheus - This challenge is so accommodating, isn't it? There are always authors we want to read on our many lists. Can't wait for MFK Fisher!

    Stefanie - Dumb computer is still unbearably slow. It was great for awhile, then slowed down again. I know I'll enjoy the Russo book...:) and thanks again!