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Thursday, July 05, 2007

This and That

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July! Ours was wet. I guess at least half the country is tired of all this rain.

Interesting article about Alexander Waugh's Fathers and Sons--an "autobiography of a family." Talk about dysfunctional. After reading the article, I don't think I'll ever think the same of Evelyn Waugh.

On Shakespeare: Shakespeare the Thinker by A.D. Nuttalll sounds sounds like a winner and a book that I'm really interested in reading, but believe I can skip Shakespeare's Philosophy by Colin least based on this review/comparison of the books.

Our old friend Nancy Drew...and generational differences.

I've been reading a Morag Joss novel, Half Broken Things, and find myself having to put it down frequently because of the suspense. The characters are complex and compelling, the writing beautiful, but at times my dread of the consequences of the characters' actions just overwhelms me.

I'll be sending Shadow Cities on to MyUtopia (send me an email with your address, and I'll get it in the mail); hope you enoy it!


  1. Wow, interesting article on the book about the Waugh family. The reviewer says you enter with trepidation--no joke--I'm a little afraid of that book, but it might be worth it!

    And the article about Nancy Drew hit home with me--I grew up on her, too, and wonder if my daughter will be interested (when she can read), or not...

  2. gentle reader -- gives one pause, doesn't it? I'm undecided about whether to pursue the one about the Waugh family, but I'm certainly curious.

  3. so many books, so little time! my hold list at the library continues to grow w/ the addition of shadow cities and half broken things. thanks as always. xxx

  4. Interesting article about Nancy. I still have a bunch of my old hardcovers, shelved alongside my Anne of Green Gables and Little House books. I was also a big fan of Trixie Belden - she always seemed to be a less refined than Nancy, with a bit more spunk.

  5. Wow. The article on Nancy Drew was great. Thanks for the link!

  6. kimy - There is no way to catch up, much less get ahead! The lists just continue to grow.

    Glad to hear that Gwen has returned!

    Lesley - the article may well be right about our generation needing a confident and spunky role model more than girls do today, but I wonder if any series today will remain as highly regarded and fondly remembered by its readers as Nancy (and Anne and Trixie).

    Robin - Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. That was an interesting article on Nancy Drew. Have you seen the movie? I actually kind of want to.
    And, yes, I'm tired of the rain too! Here's hoping we'll both get sunshine this weekend.