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Friday, July 13, 2007

Rewarding Library Visit

I did go to the library the other day and came away with a big ole' batch of mysteries and science fiction. This has resulted in a reading marathon that has occupied me for the last couple of days starting right after dinner and lasting until late in the night.

I've finished The Sonnet Lover by Carol Goodman and In Enemy Hands by David Weber. When I suffer from high anxiety, I delve into the books, and both of these were effective antidotes, completely involving me in the fictional characters. And I have about 5 more in the same vein! Rather like some people who go on chocolate binges, my appetite for mystery and mayhem becomes voracious, and I become a glutton. With no apologies!

While part of me wants to go ahead and post about my pleasure in these two, part of me is saying, "Go, on! Pick up the next one! Read, read, read!"

And, uh, I also need to straighten the house, wash clothes, pick up Laddie's meds and deliver them to The Cottage, and get to the grocery store at some point. Responsibility is winning out, I'm off to pick up the meds. That is all of the planning ahead I can manage at the moment.

I may even stop by the library on the way home and pick up the Maisie Dobbs (Pardonable Lies) that I missed and look for The Golden Child, Emily Dickinson Is Dead (via Bookgirl's Nightstand) and Foreign Affairs (Of Books and Bicycles). No, I really should not do that today- too little time, too many books left to read here, too many books on order.


  1. I do both - read books and eat chocolate. Really, it's a bad combination, especially if your stress drink is Coke.

    Hugs to you. Indulge yourself in between the responsibilities.

  2. I used to read nothing but mysteries and it's been good to get back to that genre this summer with a couple of the challenges going on. And I just read the first science fiction that I really liked. I'll look forward to your reviews.

  3. bookfool - :) I can add chocolate to the mix easily!

    framed - That is one of the nice things about challenges - sometimes they move us back into a favorite genre!

  4. I hope you like Foreign Affairs, when you feel like you can go pick up a copy. I think you'll enjoy it.

  5. I do the same thing. At very stressful times, reading becomes my healing refuge. It's really important for me to let myself go through those reading "binges," then add the responsibilities back in slowly. I'm better at handling my responsibilities when I honor that need.

  6. Academic/romantic suspense/mysteries and chocolate - my stress reaction exactly. Besides Goodman, I love Susanna Kearsley and of course Barbara Michaels.

  7. Dorothy - I'm looking forward to Foreign Affairs and am working my way through this current pile pretty quickly so that I can feel free to get a copy!

    Robin - I love reading binges -- partly because they remove me from real life into grand adventures and partly for the sheer decadence of it. :0

    Melanie - I like Barbara Michaels, but haven't read Susanna Kearsley - Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. Oh I haven't done any marathon reading in a while... I'm jealous :)

    Can't wait to hear what you think of those mysteries!

  9. iliana - Oh, yeah! Marathons are required once in a while. I can't wait to get copies of those mysteries...but I've got my hands full right now. I was trying to comment on your site earlier and to check out your link, but was having no success. Will try again later as I love looking at handmade books!