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Monday, July 16, 2007

Reading, Sewing, Practicing

Check out iliana's post on Celebrating Books and follow the link to see the work of some outstanding book artists. Iliana posted a picture of what turned out to be one of my very favorites (perhaps because I'm involved with the Honor Harrington space opera series) : Starship Log and Pod by Peggy Johnston. Fat Chance by Roberta Lavadour is another favorite, and the two "bird" books, and the more traditional but beautiful bindings.... Oh, I could go on and on, they are all wonderful.

I finished Echoes of Honor last night and was afraid that it was going to be anther cliff hanger, but fortunately, it had a conclusion to this two-book adventure involving Honor's capture by the enemy. I guess I must place another Amazon order to pick up books 3-6, before moving on in the series, but not until I finish the stack that I have right now. I have an Amazon order that will be here in the first week in August, too.

Yesterday, Mademoiselle Victorine arrived in the mail. Another one from Yolanda Cardin at FSB. I'm looking forward to reading soon as I finish my current stack!

I was a bit startled to read Lotus' post about "Dark Tourism." Should we throw out all the history books, folks? Lotus always comes up with such interesting stuff.

Tai Chi Legacy is this weekend, and I'm still practicing for three events, but I've also been working on a couple of quilting projects that I'm determined to finish today. So far, I've put in about 20 hours on the two projects, but I'm almost there. Now...out for a walk, some more practice, then back to sewing!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the link. That Fat Chance book was very pretty. I was oddly intrigued by The Hound of the Baskervilles - it was made using frog skin, fish skin, goat skin. eek! :)
    I'm looking forward to Mademoiselle Victorine as well.

  2. iliana - I almost mentioned that one, but found that I wanted to mention way too many! It took quite a while to go through them all, but well worth it. Thanks again for the link.

  3. Jenclair, thank you so much for this is so nice of you to point us to interesting posts and happenings in the blogosphere. Am off to Iliana's blog now,thanks!

    Thanks also for the mention, it made me cringe to read that a trip to Auschwitz could be considered as "dark tourism" (now defined as tourism to sites associated with death, disaster and depravity). Why do they have to label everything?

    Madame Victorine sounds so good...I love historical fiction.

  4. Lotus - I'm still finding that attitude so weird and irritating. Strange what some people take issue with. I found the National Cemetery at Natchez a remarkably moving experience...all those crosses "row on row."

  5. Your productivity is amazing - sewing and quilting, Tai Chi, book reviews, etc. I stand in awe.

    And I am eager to hear about Madamoiselle Victorine...

  6. Jill - I'm retired. I no longer have to follow someone else's schedule which frees up an awful lot of time for the things I enjoy. The funny thing is that I've found there are never enough hours in the day to all that I want to do. :)